Feedback we have received from participants who have attended Agile Manchester.

Andy Kerslake, Participant, 2018

"As a new delivery lead I have lots of hints and tools and techniques that I will be taking back to my team. One Example is facilitation in leadership."

Anon, Participant, 2018

"Crikey - there's a lot [of things I've learned]. I'd say I took at least one nugget of wisdom or truth form every session, attended."

Claire Ashcroft, Speaker, 2017

"Inspiring,fresh, optomistic, entertaining, connected, empowered. An all-round highly worth it [event]"

Anon, Partipant, 2016

"Massive Learning Curve and lots of food for thought. I feel like an information sponge at the moment!"

Helen Lisowski, Speaker, 2016

"Everything was really easy for me - very straightforward, well laid out, well thought out, etc. "


The reflections of people who have attended Agile Manchester.