Session type:

Case Study

Presented by:

Kathryn Lupin

Citizens Advice

Session time:

29 Jun 15:30 16:15

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

This is the story of one scrum master, who, fresh from the tech world, came to work with a non-technical team to get them up to speed in Agile.

Join Kathryn, as she covers why Agile struck fear into the hearts of the team she joined, how she fell into the jargon trap before working out how to introduce agile concepts successfully, and what’s working well for them and what’s next.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Don’t bombard a new to agile team with jargon
  • To be successful in moving a waterfall team to agile, introduce concepts as ways of successful working rather than buzzwords
  • A team can be agile without knowing all the names for ceremonies or having memorised the agile manifesto

Techniques, Agile Transformation, Agile People, Non-Software People.

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