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Stuart Munton

AND Digital

Session time:

30 Jun 13:45 14:30

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

Finance is often seen as one of the main stumbling blocks towards the move to ‘Business Agility’ with perceptions of rigid governance and controls.

There are several common challenges with how finance practices can interact ineffectually with agile delivery practices. If these challenges are overlooked for too long they can lead to critical delivery failures (e.g. CFO stops funding) which are all too often labelled as ‘Failed Agile’.    

Finance practices are in place to enable commercially successful businesses and these could be seen as negative constraints to agile delivery practices, but this does not need to be the case.

During this talk we will look at five challenges and changes on both sides of this ‘fence’ that will work to eventually remove the ‘fence’ altogether and accelerate agility in your business. 

  • Involvement - Financial Control to Commercial Support
  • Forecasting - Estimate Forecasting to Empirical Forecasting
  • Funding - Fixed Budgets to Value Stream Funding
  • Value - Business Cases to Value Realisation
  • Ownership - IT Projects to Commercial Initiatives

Each of the content sections is presented independently with guidance of how to identify the challenge and how to start to address the change. This ensures that you can evolve your ways of working in an appropriate sequence for your situation.

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