Photograph of Alia Shafir

Alia has been working in technology for the past 25 years, always in roles that require some kind of change, either through building new products or leading transformations.

She currently leads the Global Coaching Team at Bloomberg, focusing on helping teams to deliver value though better ways of working. In this role, she’s particularly passionate about helping to shift mindsets towards a more Product-led way of operating.

Before joining Bloomberg, Alia also worked in Investment Banking and early on in her career, Consulting. These experiences taught her the value of being comfortable with ambiguity and learning how to build a network of people around you who will both inspire and support you depending on the day.

Alia spent many years in New York City, but when not traveling on the weekends, she can be found currently living in London with her husband and 3 boys, a dog, a cat and questionable taste in music.

Pronouns: She/Her